Sunday, November 16, 2008

Net Savvy

It blows my mind that preschoolers ages 2-5 are the largest group of new online users. Obviously what it means for these kids and future students to be net savvy is going to continue to evolve. AND what it means for the rest of us to be net savvy (as students and educational leaders) must continue to evolve. If we look at the ECAR study regarding undergrads and technology, one of the points made was that instructors/professors must continue to effectively integrate technology in order to enhance the educational experience and learning. Those preschoolers online now, by the time they are in classes, are going to demand that education teach them in a multimedia way. How can they not? They were born into the world of the internet. I think it is important also to keep in mind one of the points of the Net Savvy article -- that in Web 2.0, "participation becomes as important as consumption." We have to learn how to be participants in the collaborative, net savvy world and also teach our students and children how to be productive participants who collaborate to create meaningful information.

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