Sunday, November 16, 2008

Human Learning

Working backwards a little bit here in an effort to make sure my Blog is reflective of all of the course readings and events. The topic for several weeks a go was Human Learning and the participatory culture of the 21st century. I find this participatory culture catching up to me -- via Faverty's class -- as I push my own personal envelope of what I have done in a technological sense and what is out there. In terms of human learning as it applies to technology -- I have learned, as a result of the content of this course, how to Wiki, Blog, Facebook, and set up my own Netvibes page. This will make me sound old and outdated, but those were just not things I did really, prior to this course and the content presented in it. It is exciting to see how our culture is pushing us to be more collaborative and participatory.

I think as educational leaders, we must pass that on. I liked, in Mayer and Moreno's paper regarding how students learn, the authors advocating for the use of technology based on theories about HOW students learn. Again, as leaders, we've got to get the research based theory on how students learn (and why they learn better using cognitive multimedia theory) across to our fellow educators.

On a different note, regarding Diplopedia -- I like that there are no anonymous contributors and the fact that, like Wiki, the premise behind sharing information is that there is a need to share and know. All of the readings thus far echo that sentiment - collaboration, knowledge sharing, enhancing what we know and how we know it, etc.

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