Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week 1 synthesis/reflection

In going through the readings for the week and looking at The Horizon Reports for 2005-2008, several key themes and issues stood out for me -- and those issues seemed to be interrelated. In all of the reports there was much talk about collaboration, about building learning communities, about access to not only "ubiquitous" wireless, but also access to educational opportunities and perhaps even changing the way in which traditional academia operates. In order to respond to changing student needs, education is going to have to change some of the ways in which it does business. Some of the concepts on the horizon -- such as Virtual Worlds and Social Operating Systems -- seem hard to conceptualize and wrap ones brain around. But going back to the 2005 Horizon Report, everything discussed in that report as "being on the horizon" has come to fruition. Exciting times...

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