Saturday, October 25, 2008

Non-traditional technology in education link

Obviously the focus of our class discussions has been about enhancing and even changing education -- the delivery of it, the process of it, the way it is conceptualized for both educators and learners -- via technology; however, I have to add this to my post: one of our local school board members found himself in a rather ugly situation last evening (it appears he was the skipper of his own sinking ship in this particular case) and it was all caught on cell phone camera. when you least expect it. I know this is a loose connection to our class but fascinating nonetheless on so many educational levels. This particular board member is a very outspoken advocate of Prop 8. Last night there was a No on Prop 8 protest on one side of a street here in Bakersfield, and a Yes on Prop 8 protest on the other. Said Board member crosses the street, starts taking No on Prop 9 signs, is, not surprisingly, confronted by the No protestors...and then punches one of the protestors in the face and kicks him in the leg. Wow. Is that what we mean by dysfunctional board member behavior? And what kind of example is that for our students? If someone disagrees with you, cross the street, take their stuff, and punch them in the face.

Technology in education? Yes, all the way. Lets bring it, incorporate it, learn it, adapt to it, thrive because of it. But I think it is also important to remember common sense. I'm not implying that these are mutually exclusive...I'm just saying, there are many factors that contribute to student outcomes...including judgment-impaired board members.

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